Create automated digital experience journeys

cellosign zero-code platform provides flexible agile self-service application builder

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Engage with your customers through digital experience

With an award winning digital transformation application

  • Business Growth

Maximize sales & service by Optimizing your digital customer journey

Convert business, marketing, operational and more processes into a complete digital experience using cellosign intuitive interface and increase operational efficiency & revenue growth

  • Digital Transformation

Manage & Control Data-Collection

Control and accelerate data collection, create mutual value through digital experience, provide real time data validation, regulation & legal compliance,  enjoy improving customers’ experience & satisfaction

  • Digital continuity

Generate customer journey in just a few clicks

cellosign provides a self-service efficient and flexible platform that enables business and technology users to create digital applications on the fly in an effective and agile way using zero-code

Optimal Solution to industry challenges


Active customers


Digital Experience


Around the clock solution


Increase revenue growth

“Cellosign has given us an integrated tool for solutions in our Lubinski Group’s digital activity space, digital forms, digital signatures and more … These solutions are the backbone of sales and marketing process to our customer, employee and process efficiency…”

Gadi Gilon, CTO, Lubinski

“We chose the cellosign platform due to the flexibility of the system and the excellent service of the company’s employees. In addition, due to the ability of cellosign to implement adjustments to the organization and provide solutions in a short time, the system serves us to build BPM-based organizational processes

Gidi Daga, CIO, Mashcal

“The Cellosign app has helped and increased the closing of deals. the sale process has since become much simpler, easier, faster and of course has helped the company’s image as a leader in technology and innovation…”

Chen Dadush, CTO, Shidurit-ltd

“The infrastructure is a significant breakthrough in all areas of operational efficiency and digital innovation…”

Daniel Nahum, VP, Director of the Computing Division at Pais

“I see you as partners, so far you have proved that there is someone to trust from your side and I am sure that this will continue, aspire!…”

Manny Baruch, Director of the Technology and Network Division. Bezeq

We are proud to win second year in a row the IT Awards first place by People & Computers

Cellosign platform won the IT Awards first place in the categories: Digital transformation & innovation, Innovation in core systems. Cellosign supercharge organization digital growth.

Grow your digital business strategically, and improve customer retention.

Benefits & Advantages

Trusted by leading organisation

We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Digital Growth Potential

We specialize in implementation workflow-based solutions & Data Collection for creating digital transformation using process automation

We boost our clients to get more sales

We Build Relationships

Cellosign has the passion, understanding and experience in providing advanced & friendly solutions to complex challenges

Emphasize and Focus

Cellosign technology, commitment and services produces the digital user experience revolution, through an advanced application experience


ONE is one of Israel leading IT companies offering software, hardware and integration services.

Next-Gen Compliance, Identity & Entity Management Platform providing a complete client lifecycle

Comtec is one of the pioneers of the Israeli IT industry, specializing in IT insurance products.

Taldor specializes in providing comprehensive and advanced business and technological solutions.

We are proud to win the IT Awards first place by People & Computers

Cellosign platform won the IT Awards first place in category digital transformation and innovation. Cellosign launches dozens of organizations at the forefront of digital transformation.

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Join thousands of users who enjoy digital transformation applications based on cellosign platform

Discover how innovation, flexibility effective customer digital journey have promoted our customers success stories

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Your Data will be stored and processed in Company’s System’s in accordance with Company’s Privacy Policy.