We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential

Founded in 2017, we are self-funded, on a mission to help creating  a better digital customer journey that enable our customers to be in line with their business, regulatory, financial & social goals

We serve over 950+ customers, working together in an agile environment using cellosign digital transformation Zero-Code platform.

Strategy, Values & Mission

We specializes in implementation workflow-based solutions & Data Collection for creating digital transformation using process automation.

Passion, understanding, experience, technology, commitment and services producing the digital user journey experience revolution, through an advanced application experience using zero-code platform.

To provide advanced & friendly solutions to complex challenges. We emphasizes and focuses on providing solutions that enable self-service using built-in tools and without the need to write code (Zero-Code platform)

Cellosign Vision

Our goal to provide innovative technological digital transformation platform To create mutual value through digital experience journeys to customer & user using process automation, increase revenue growth & operational efficiency


Success stories


Innovative platform


Customers & Users

We always looking for good people to join us you’re welcome to send us your CV & let our HR team know what you’re after.

We are proud to win second year in a row the IT Awards first place by People & Computers

Cellosign platform won the IT Awards first place in the categories: Digital transformation & innovation, Innovation in core systems. Cellosign supercharge organization digital growth.

Let’s Supercharge Your Digital Growth