Cellosign Platform

Cellosign zero-code innovative platform for creating automated digital experience journeys

The platform intuitive interface provides an agile self-service efficient and flexible application builder.

simple & friendly way to create digital transformation.

Increase Brand Awareness

Optimal Solution to industry challenges

Cellosign platform enable to setup effective and agile digital automation E2E process, managing and controlling cross-organizational business and marketing work processes that include a customer digital experience journey by connecting human interfaces, information core systems, data collection, digital forms, digital signatures, applications and more.


Optimize, Manage and control digital journey E2E processes code-free


Grow independently and efficiently limitless and without barriers


Connecting organization and departments to customers


Share online in real time for increased efficiency and transparency

Cellosign focus in 5 main areas:

Digital Transformation

Convert business, marketing, and more processes into a complete digital process using an intuitive interface


Collection of data from a variety of channels: core systems, information systems, company websites, proactive feeding

Digital Experience

Digital services are accessible anywhere, in real-time, from any device in a dynamic and responsive manner

Manage & Control

Central control of processes originating at various meeting points, data analysis and efficiency


Enjoy creating automated digital E2E processes using Code Free

Harness Your Social Proof
  • Technological flexibility


Cellosign platform is responsive to all types of smart devices & operating Systems and does not require user installation (customers / organization users).  cellosign can be applied in cloud environment or local installation.

We Equip users With advanced self-service flexible & friendly solutions

Cellosign provides a built-in toolbox for implementing basic or complex workflows by drag&drop components. The platform supports a rich variety of options and gives you control over work processes, permissions, dependencies, design at field level, template or process, built-in approval process engine, drive processes at different endpoints based on data-collection, and monitor process interface to ensure the business or marketing process is closed.

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