Customer Success Associate

We are looking for an experienced Customer Success Specialist, you’ll be part of a groundbreaking team. It’s up to us to educate customers on the value of digital experience and what it can do for them.

Your Challenge

We are the experts: We dive in deep to understand the layout of our customers line of business. We work to ensure that they know their opportunities and that their goals with our products are met!

You will actively manage a group of customers on their journeys from getting implemented onward. You’ll be the guide to our customers in understanding why customer experience is essential and how they can creatively address the needs of their users.

Skills Requirements

  • Minimum 1 years in software customer experience management
  • Go getter attitude
  • Technical curiosity or experience
  • Proven ability to educate executive decision-makers to associates building and maintaining relationships with them
  • Excellent creative and critical thinking skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skills — Most of our days are spent coming up with solutions and presenting them to our customers
  • Proven ability to manage multiple complex customer journeys at once

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