Quality Assurance Manager

We are looking for an experienced Quality Assurance Manager  to plan, formulate and execute quality process for our product and quality working procedures .

Your Challenge

Quality Assurance manager should be able to plan, control, execute, analyze and oversee the entire product quality lifecycle. Also the ability to study results and execution process to improve product quality and resources usage.

You should have solid experience in quality control. You’ll be an ideal candidate for this position when competent to continue business life cycle and attaining long term success in business.

Skills Requirements

  • Overseeing the overall management and prioritization of product tests in the organization
  • Significant experience building a testing infrastructure that incorporates all the familiar methodologies in the product lifecycle and writing tests in a professional manner
  • Ability to express oneself in both Hebrew and English and being highly service-oriented
  • Experience with testing of web applications, test tools, bug management tools, and familiarity with technologies such as SQL
  • Autodidact and excellent communication ability
  • Education and experience required: information systems analysis, software testing, more than three years of experience in web testing

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